Break into the future with custom recycling

Optimise your recycling process and lead your company into a sustainable future with custom-built machinery.


Trust two generations of passion and expertise

GM Recycling is a close-knit family company that is ready to tackle the challenges of the future. We love what we do, and this love has been passed on from father to daughter. Our decades of experience and in-depth knowledge allow us to offer innovative solutions that meet even your most exacting needs.

Recycling: an investment with serious yields

Cut costs by recuperating your recyclable materials. By recycling, you can minimise the need to buy new raw materials, or generate income by reselling what you recuperate. So recycling machines are an investment that offers long-term yields: a win-win for your company and the planet.

Custom machinery and service

Opt for a personalised, all-in package of high-quality machinery and accessible, unrivalled service from the tried and tested market leader in the sector. With our exclusive brands and extensive in-house expertise, we guarantee the best price/quality ratio.






Let’s build
something great

Everything starts with an initial meeting. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll get started right away. Get a detailed quote tailored to your business in no time.

A genuine, close-knit family company,
ready to tackle the future.

Family comes first

Opt for two generations of passion and expertise. Our family values deliver indisputable results, time after time, both in Belgium and abroad. What’s more, our friendly atmosphere fosters a healthy team spirit that inspires every employee to go the extra mile.

A team of experts

We wouldn’t be here without our culture of knowledge and creativity. Ongoing training keeps us constantly up to date with the latest technological developments.
Be guided by the most competent specialists in their field.

No bridge is too far

Do you have an urgent problem? We’re just a phone call away. Close personal contact, a customer-focused approach, rapid reaction times and extensive support right from our very first meeting take away all your worries.